Sunday, November 7, 2010

For Colored Girls?

I've been getting mixed reviews about For Colored Girls. Should I go see it? Is it depressing? #Iconfess I'm sort of over Tyler Perry. He along with many other African-American filmmakers believe Perry perpetuates "negative african-american stereotypes" ie the bitter or "angry/mad black woman" or "abusive/downlow/imprisoned black man". The stageplay was written by Ntozake Shange but after the rights were purchased by Lionsgate/Tyler Perry it was written, directed and produced by him. From what I hear the play was beautiful. I just want to see myself or the woman I aspire to be in one of his movies and I feel like I haven't yet. Aren't I supposed to? Should I go see it? Hmm? #YourThoughts

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  1. Love your blog! comment on the Tyler Perry statement...Hope you do go see it and write Tyler Perry a letter and let him know what you hope to see in one of his films. A friend of mines did the same a few years ago and now she is in the process of writing for him and hopefully he will take what she has to offer! Never miss an opportunity to strut your stuff! Have a fab day!

    Ms. Essexy1