Wednesday, March 7, 2012

let's be friends

Hi everybody! I'm 'finally' posting videos and sharing a bit more of my journey with you all! I'll let the video speak for itself...enjoy! See you all when I return from Central America! 


  1. I really enjoyed your video, you are such a beautiful personal inside and out.. I know we don't know each other but I can just tell.. I follow you on twitter, fb, and Instagram. I have to say ever since I start following you, you motivated me to read the the bible more and get closer to God. I must say thank you Khabirah. I hope you have a blast on your trip to South America, Muahhh..btw looking forward to more of your youtube videos :)

  2. lovely to meet you. I stumbled upon your blog by accident and I'm gald I did. Looking forward to seeing more of your youtube videos. You seem like a really sweet person and your curls are gorgeous!

    Your new follower,
    Tarah andthe City

  3. @La Femme Tres Chic: Aww! Thanks so much lovely! You're so sweet! Praise God! You just put the BIGGEST smile on my face! I really appreciate you taking the time to express your desire to draw closer to Christ--it's very encouraging to me as well! There's NOTHING like an intimate relationship with Him! I'm back from Central America and my experience there were beyond life changing! Thanks for the well wishes! I'll be posting a video & photos on my missions trip there very soon! Keep in touch sis! Hugs & Love...XoXo...:-)

  4. @Tarah: Hi bella! It's nice to have you here! Thanks for watching! I love how you found my blog--even by accident! Awesomeness! Thanks for the lovely compliments! Glad to have you here! God bless you...XoXo...:-)