Monday, April 9, 2012

Central America | Elsalvador 2012

This trip that changed my life forever! I got to spend tons of quality time with my best friends and get super intimate with them like never before! 412 Exposed is a Young Adult Ministry of Mt. Zion Church where our mission is to "Let no one despise our youth but be examples to the believers in word, conduct, love, spirit, faith, & purity -1 Timothy 4:12. A group of 40 of us from 412 Missions went to minister in ElSalvador! We were challenged to leave our comfort zones and allow God to open our hearts so that we could spread His love to everyone there in ElSalvador. Words can't express how much this experience has change my life and heart forever! We all love Jesus like crazy but we got to experience Him in a whole new way on this trip as God showed Himself to us like never before! I'll never forget this experience! It will always hold a special place in my heart! God did amazing things--not only in the people of El Salvador but in us as well! Lives were changed! Thanks for watching! God is so in love with YOU!
- Love & Hugs...Khabirah Osayame.

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Note: The first video was created by 412 Missions. The video below was created by me.


  1. AWESOME video, K! BEAUTIFUL footage! Takes me back...God is AMAZING!

  2. Megan! I love you so! Wasn't that trip absolutely AMAZINNNG!?! Definitely an experience we'll never forget! God blew us away...whew! I love my 412 family and friends! *Love & Hugs* XoXoXo...

  3. WOW....looks like you had a great time. Its really nice to see you people in love with the Lord.

    THANKS a lot for sharing. I love your blog :)

  4. @AJ: We sure did! That trip touched the core of my heart! God gets ALL of the glory--love Him! Thanks for supporting my blog! I appreciate it! :-)

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  6. Wow! God is Incredible!!!!! He deserves the highest praise!!! I absolutely loved seeing God work through 412. Ministering and saving souls!!!! Thank you for sharing this K!!! To God be the glory!!!!!