Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hair | The Quick System

Lakeita Marie's Testimonial:
I'm sure every girl has had a hair story, in which they have simply dreaded. Well that was me about 4 years ago. After letting someone install extensions into my hair, I noticed that my hair was no longer in it's natural healthy state. This was a problem for me. Reason being, is that I have always been a “girly girl” and having natural, beautiful, flawless, hair has always been a big part of me. Therefore, I started to search for a stylist who specialized in healthy hair as well as extensions that would not compromise my own natural hair. After, visiting I noticed that Khabirah was just the stylist I was looking for and I was simple in love with her work! After my BC (big chop) about 3 years ago my natural hair is now longer, beautiful, and much healthier! I couldn't be more happier and I am more the delighted to be one of Khabirah's many SUPERSTARS!!!

HAIR | "The Quick System" Created By Khabirah Osayame
Flawless, seamless & healthy Quick Weaving System that can last up to 2 months with maintenance. 
Between "The Quick System" & "Healthy Hair Regime",  Lakeita has the luxury of wearing BOTH her natural hair & extensions without compromising the integrity of it.
"The Quick System" is ideal for long or short looks & a great way to mimic your natural hair if you ever want to give it a break while growing underneath!


  1. Her hair looks fabulous! So with this "quick system" is the hair glued in? Or sewn in If sewn, how is it different from a sew in??

  2. @Vanessa Thanks so much! The Quick System is a customized quick weaving (glued In) installation that is partially sewn in and can last 2-3 months. Call Alibi 25 Salon for further information at: 212 924 7300

  3. This is the look i'm going for in the fall. It's absolutely gorgeous! Because it's partially a glue in, is it not recommended for someone who may workout and sweat on the scalp, possibly causing it to loosin? Also, can you wear your hair up or down with the Quick System?

  4. The Healthy Quick Weaving System created by Khabirah. AProtective Bonded Install--great for growing & protecting your natural hair w/a shorter commitment than a sew in! It can also be shampooed & blown out (by Khabirah) & lasts 2 months. It's a customized quick weave (glued In) installation that is partially sewn in. This SAME look can also be achieved with a sew in installation for more longevity than 2 months based on preference. for more deets!

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