Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Curly Girl


So it's been 11 months since my BC (big chop) and I absolutely love it! I had a ton of fun with this dry twist out I did on my natural hair with the help of LoveMaiCurls & her last 3 part YouTube tutorial! This is my *new* go to method for my natural hair! The results are amazing! Some of you couldn't believe that I've still been natural all this time while wearing my extensions--well..I've 'always' believed in practicing what I preach! Yes, you 'can' have healthy hair & flawless celebrity extensions at the same time without compromising the integrity of it! I love my hair with or without extensions!

-Khabirah Osayame ❤


  1. Your natural hair is beautiful, Khabirah! I love it. You inspire me!

  2. Aww! You are too sweet Beth! I adore you! Thanks so much lovely! XoXo...